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Exhilarating Era for the Construction Industry

The construction sector in the UAE has grown to spectacular levels and the per capita spending on construction is among the top three on a global scale.

In this dynamic scenario, Mzoon Building Contracting embraced a customer driven approach from the very beginning of its existence. Today, this has not only proved successful but helped establish Mzoon Contracting as a highly regarded organization in the region.

Established in 1985, Mzoon Building Contracting has over the years constructed just about every type of building from high-rises, luxury villas, industrial blocks, factories and mosques.

Building Networks of Resources

Today, Mzoon's reputation in the entire region and the proven track record of excellence energize our continued growth and success. Mzoons’ leadership practices contemporary management methods and is at the forefront in adopting new technology to optimize efficiency and makes every effort to deliver higher quality as a continuous process.

Mzoon Building Contracting forges ahead winning new & challenging projects, strengthening existing associations and building networks of customer, supplier and employee relationships.

The management at Mzoon zealously places emphasis on the experience our customers go through in all our interactions even as customer expectations continue to reach new heights.

It is amply evident that the future belongs to specialists; therefore our emphasis is on providing specialized skills and upgrading our proven abilities in the construction industry.

In this exciting era of spectacular growth, Mzoon Building Contracting is perfectly poised to further contribute to the growth and success of the region and each one of our customers.

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